Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Error Connecting to a Database when configuring a farm setting in Sharepoint 2010

Whenever are you creating a new Farm server connection for Sharepoint 2010 and hit up with following error:

Nothing to worry,
1.Login in to your database server and launch your "Microsoft SQL Manangement Studio"
3.Expand Security-->Logins and select the Server role for the user and check-in the following permissions:

  these are the permissions that are required for the user to configure the Sharepoint Server 2010 .

If the problem even persists after you have given permission for the user
2.Create a firewall rule in Application Server(where your Central Administration is installed)
   1.Click Firewall advanced configuration
   2.Click "Inbound rule:
   3.Click "New Rule" on the right side
   4.Select Port ,On the port and protocol wizard -select TCP port and enter 1433 in the below .
   .......................Proceed and fill the following wizard(  I think just enter the name it would do)

  It should work .

The reason behind:
   Microsoft SQL listens to to port 1433.

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